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Capt. Tommy Thompson and I spent last weekend exploring for redfish. It’s been a tough year, actually, with good fish being widely scattered. With this being the warmest winter that I can remember, everything from the redbuds to the trout are confused. Fish are moving in and out of creeks with a pattern we haven’t figured out yet, but a recent warm spell sent us out to see what was up. Most recently, our usual spots haven’t been that productive, but low tides have made them challenging, and this weekend we had some good tides and excellent weather to get to some places we haven’t been to in months. We left the Sea Hag around noon to fish the flood and early falling tide. Although moderate winds were forecasted, NOAA was wrong again, but this time in a good way. We had light easterly breezes of about five knots. We ran to an area north of Dallus Creek initially, and found two smallish redfish and I found a nice 4 pound trout fishing an unweighted plastic jerkbait in a creekbed. However, the bite wasn’t that impressive so we ran to a rocky area nearby that had been very productive last year. Although we fished Paul Brown lures, jerkbaits and crankbaits, it became obvious that a nice school of redfish was primarily interested in topwater plugs. I was using the LiveTarget mullet, and Tommy a nickel Super Spook Junior. They both produced well. We were fishing an area of scattered rocks outside a creek mouth with a large sandbar nearby; mullet were everywhere, and there was a large school of slot-sized fish that were hungry.

We ended up with 10 nice redfish to 27 inches. We figured we’d try again the next day, but the school had moved on. We still ended up with three redfish and three trout, but they were relatively small and scattered. With the warm water temperatures, be on the lookout for mullet schools, especially around rocky points, oyster bars, and creek beds, and if there’s nobody home, move around. The schooling fish are hungry and feeding, while the solitary fish are more difficult to entice. Things from here on out should get nothing but better through the spring.


Posted February 10, 2012 by grassflats in Inshore Fishing, Steinhatchee, Tackle and Rigging

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