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Fished this weekend with Doug Barrett after several weekends of horrible weather. We had some interesting conditions as well, with strong northeast winds to 20 knots and a mid-morning low. As sometimes happens with this situation, essentially the tide never came in. In spite of a forecast high of over 3 feet, the water stayed in the 1 foot level through most of the day, forcing us to change plans since we were lacking an airboat. We had some good reports of some nice redfish being taken around rock grass and structure in 3 feet or less, but it’s easier to find this situation when you can get close to shore.  However, we found some very nice upper-slot trout early, and fairly consistently through the day.

In spite of the low water, we found some structure in 3 feet of water about a half-mile offshore and came upon these fine reds, both upper-slot and around 26 inches, both caught on topwater plugs. Doug’s fish was a rarity…it had no spots whatsoever.

I began fishing with a DOA shrimp, trying a new color sent to me by Jerry McBride, DOA’s outstanding fishing director, and found it worked very well on flounder. This particular one was party to a photo demonstration of the life cycle of the Gulf flounder….no further explanation necessary.

Last two pictures courtesy of the fine chef at Fiddler’s Restaurant, the famous Jim Hunt.  The water temp was between 72 and 74 degrees in spite of a nice 50 degree air temp and 15 knots from the northeast. Floating grass became a problem later as the tide creeped in very slowly, but we were able to fish topwaters much of the day. We took some fish using suspending lures as well as DOA shrimp. We fished mostly north of the river in the Rock Point area and in addition to the above caught some really large ladyfish in the 4 pound range…among the biggest I’ve ever seen in our area. We also caught some Spanish and saw a fair number of 30 to 40 pound sharks messing with the large schools of whitebait. I was longing for more water and less wind because I know we could have had a better day in our usual spots. Maybe next weekend…


Posted October 17, 2011 by grassflats in Inshore Fishing, redfish, Steinhatchee

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