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Been a few weeks since I’ve been on the water. We’ve all been waiting for the water to warm up as things have been pretty inconsistent for the past month. The recent warm spell should have turned them on so there were a variety of attempts planned this weekend.  While the fishing was marginal on Saturday, we did find some bluefish and mackeral and I managed this Spanish on fly.

On Saturday I fished by myself and found, for the first time this spring, a good consistent topwater bite. I caught 6 trout over 4.5 pounds anchored by this 5.5 pounder, which was full of roe. I rarely ever keep fish; this one inhaled a topwater plug so deeply that the lower trebles were hooked around the gill rakers, but the fish wasn’t bleeding. I worked as fast as I could to get the hook out which was not easy, but managed it and put the fish in the livewell for some oxygen. I really didn’t expect her to survive. Amazingly when I got back to the marina she was doing well so she posed for this picture and was put right back in the water.  I’m expecting things to pick up rapidly now; while trout are easily available, redfish have been a little harder to find. That should change within a week or so.


Posted March 20, 2011 by grassflats in flyfishing, redfish, Steinhatchee

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