Quick post…trout are still around and shallow   Leave a comment

Took a trip last Sunday with Doug Fertig in excellent morning conditions. We ran to the Bayview area north of Rock Point and fished exclusively with suspending baits over rocks, bars and potholes. Temps in the low 40’s but bright sun and the trout were present, but we could find no redfish. I wanted to run to a redfish spot after the tide came up, but around the same time we got to have a 15 knot seabreeze that cooled things down quite a bit. We ended up with around 25 trout, slightly smaller than recently in that there were five or six smaller than 20 inches…the rest were larger, but the largest was 5.75 on the Boga. As the temperatures come up, the redfish will be more available and the trout will be moving into somewhat deeper water, but you can certainly find them now in 3 feet and less.


Posted March 9, 2010 by grassflats in Inshore Fishing, Steinhatchee, trout

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