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I really enjoyed  spending some time with my daughter Margaret and her boyfriend Chris who were visiting from New Orleans. Chris is in grad school at UNO and his interest is in hydrology, so he was very interested in seeing the habitat around Steinhatchee. That was enough excuse to plan a one-day quick trip with as much fishing as we could get in on Sunday, given the horrible weather we’ve been having. We started out from the Sea Hag around 11 to find about 15 boats fishing the river, and a total of one boat on the flats.  The winds were relatively down, around 8 knots from the southeast, but the clouds were keeping the sun off the water, which was not a good sign. We ran to a favorite spot to the south of the river, a collection of rocks near a creek mouth, and we fished exclusively with Corky mullet suspending lures in 2.5 feet of water.  Chris managed the first fish, a reasonable 2.5 pounder…

Margaret followed up with a larger fish, this one about four pounds….

We managed one other similar-sized trout before the wind and cold finally got to us and we headed in, after about a two-hour effort. We did some exploring, taking their dog Dusty to the Pine Log ramp.

We ran up to Hagen’s Cove as well to walk the beach, and then settled down to a fresh trout dinner at Fiddler’s with some of Jim’s fine smoked ribs as well.  Wish we would have had a little sun, because on days like that it can make all the difference in the world in terms of turning fish on in cold weather. Hopefully we’ll have a little better weather coming up this winter!


Posted December 28, 2009 by grassflats in Steinhatchee, trout

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  1. We had a great time Dad–we’ll do it again next time we’re over that way!
    Dusty (the dog) misses you, too, especially the kisses.

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