Fishing Weekend….finally!   Leave a comment

After trips and bad weather, this looked to be a good one, so I fished on Saturday with Doug Barrett in his Scout and on Sunday I took Capt. Thompson out for a brief trip. Saturday started off dark and windy, but we found some fish early, scoring on 5 trout within a half hour, including these two nice ones, both taken on topwaters. To give you an idea of the conditions, note the streaming foam on the water behind us…



Unfortunately, things slowed down as the weather improved slightly, but the wind never got below around 12 knots. The weather was worsening so we went in for lunch and came back out around 2. We did some exploring of new spots, picked up some more trout later in the day, losing a big one at the boat, before we found ourselves in schools of 5 to 6 pound jacks. Some of the topwater hits were so explosive, and right next to the boat, that we were both flinching.



Great fun; we caught as many as we wanted and had a few fun fire drills with doubles.  Capt. Thompson met us at the dock and began planning Sunday while having dinner at Fiddler’s. We left from the Sea Hag around 7:15  just before sunrise, and found lots of mullet but not a lot of great fish. The wind was forecast for 5 to 10 but was probably closer to 12 to 15. I picked up two smallish reds early, we caught a fair number of short trout, and Tommy caught the best red of the day, a 6 pounder….


We only fished until around noon, but all told it was a fine weekend….but we’re all wondering when we’ll get a great fishing weekend. Lots of tournaments coming up, so keep your fingers crossed…..


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